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Satellite Dish Project

Goal of this project:

The goal of this project is to update my portfolio with more Leveldesign. I began this project the 28th of February and finished 11th of March 2022.



To make things easier for me, I decided to look for articles or photoshoots which contained more photos of 1 place and stick close to it. That way, I gathered pretty much all of my references with one click but also gave myself a little wiggleroom for imagination.

I took heavy inspiration from old abandoned russian satellite dishes. Since there is a number of those out there, finding references was easy enough.

Programs Used



My main focus has been on building up a mood and set up a scenario in which it takes place. I knew from the start that my time budget would be very limited so I've tried to determine which places are the most important and focus heavily on those.

I also knew that I would need some things to happen plot-wise, so I made a list of easy to make blueprints which I could pick from.


The Plot:

You are sent by some kind of orginization to blow up an old satellite dish before it fall into unauthorized hands. Turns out that it already has once you get there and now you have to complete your mission without being seen.

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